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"Not only is Kim's voice such a pleasure to listen to, she's an accomplished entertainer whose bubbly and charismatic personality shines through each song and captivates her audience.

I see it as my role to provide the best possible soundscape for her to work her magic in."


"We play such a wide mix of genres. Easy listening, romantic ballads, pop favourites, funky numbers, R&B tracks, some jazzy pieces, rock and roll, a bit of country, folk, stuff from the crooners, even a bit of prog.

We hope there's something in our playlist for most tastes. Nothing heavy though! No metal."

"We also didn't want all the songs to sound the same. We both love doing a wide range of material that taps into a spectrum of emotion and expression.

We like varying what we play, from simple acoustic guitar pieces to more ambitious arrangements, either pre-recorded or with live musicians."

"We wanted to play a range of strongly vocal music that takes advantage of Kim's unique voice and allows the sounds of the various instruments to be crystal clear yet gentle on the ears.

We like to work at a volume that allows easy conversation almost as if the audience were listening to recorded sounds."

"It was easy to decide what we didn't want to sound like:

Just another too loud rock covers band playing the same tracks everyone else is playing, screaming through a distorted PA system to try and compete with spleen-pummeling bass and endless ear-splitting lead solos.

No thanks!"

Come along and join the fun. We'd love to see you there!
We often play at open mic nights too, as listed below.
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These are 20-45 second excerpts of some of our recordings. All instruments were played by Graeme Chegwidden and Kim Archer. They were recorded and produced mostly at Graeme's home studio. Kim's excellent vocals were recorded at Soundview Studios in Stevenage.
These tracks were created mainly for Smooth Operator's dynamic live performances.

To be uploaded soon!!

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Thank goodness for music pubs and venues! They do tons to support the local music scene and you can get to see live bands most nights of the week in many of them.
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